The Best Advice You’ll Ever Receive (Hint: You Already Got It)

Ever wish for a bit of solid advice to make life easier? The best advice you've ever gotten is probably hidden in your own backyard. What's the worst mistake you've ever made? You probably find value in your mistakes and failures, but don't forget to learn from others' mistakes, too. That's one reason professional mentors are so important, to learn from someone who's already blazed the trail.  But sometimes we get so caught up seeking "official" advice that we forget about one of the most valuable resources of our lifetime: our parents. Really. Good ol' mom and … [Read more...]

Verbal Processor Versus Non-Verbal Processor

I was told by a professional (meaning someone who knows some stuff, okay my therapist. What? You don’t have a therapist? Everybody should have a therapist, according to Dr. Laura Bermann on Cosmo radio.) that I am a verbal processor. I was stunned by this realization. I questioned this professional, “Wait – you mean everyone doesn’t think out loud every thought they have going on in their head when they are having a conversation? Wow, (Oprah, I’m having an aha moment.) After processing this with my friend on the phone, my sister at the ballgame and my UPS man at the … [Read more...]

4 Steps to Actually Feeling Happier

There are a lot of myths surrounding the state of mind known as "happiness." Here's how you can break them down and start on your own path. Two months ago a new client entered my office for her first coaching session. "All I want is to feel happy," she said. "I'm miserable and I focus on that misery all day long." It seemed like a fairly simple request, so we went to work. Week after week I witnessed the smile on my client's face becoming more consistent, more authentic. Soon she began talking about the laughter and pleasant activities that now fill her … [Read more...]

The Smart Phone Communication Gap

Last week I attended a meeting for training and development specialists. The Chicagoland Chapter of the American Society of Training and Development. While listening to the speaker, I took out my notebook and began scribbling. So did the man next to me. Then I looked up and noticed a bunch of young-uns tweeting, texting, and otherwise absorbed in their smart phones. My generation finds this rude. Their generation finds this natural. My generation has no idea how then can do that and be fully in the moment. Their generation feels that they aren’t just listening to a … [Read more...]

6 Ways Successful People Stretch Their Comfort Zones

Truly great entrepreneurs aren't satisfied with comfort. Pushing their own limits is how they get to greatness. Everyone has a so-called "comfort zone." You know what I'm talking about: that mental space you live in where there are boundaries and you feel a sense of emotional security with your work and your decision making. What distinguishes successful people from everyone else is what they do with their comfort zone. There are those who are perfectly happy staying warm and cozy in this safe box they've built; and then are those who constantly push and test … [Read more...]

ACT Score is Predictor of Success – OMG Are You Kidding Me?

I hope this is the last time I have to deal with the angst and drama of one of my kids take the ACT test and even worse asking about my score. “What?! My ACT score? Oh goodness gracious,that was a billion years ago, honey, of course I don’t remember, ha, ha, ha. Here why don’t you take the car and here’s a $20, no $40 for some ice cream.”  I mean, come on, who remembers that silly old number? Okay, me, and probably every one else in the universe. You don’t easily forget the number that was supposed to predict your entire future – predicted whether you would be a … [Read more...]

5 Lessons From an Overnight Success

These two entrepreneurs obsessed about failure. But they never stopped to think about what would happen if they succeeded.  When Brittany Hodak and Kim Kaupe launched 'ZinePak, a New York-based entertainment company two-and-a-half years ago, they knew they had a lot to learn. Apparently, they're pretty fast learners because this year they were named to Advertising Age's 40 Under 40 list and 'ZinePak is currently vying for the title of the Wall Street Journal's Start-up of the Year in an online documentary series. But this is the shortlist. In addition to a multitude … [Read more...]

Speaker Debunks Multi-Tasking for Women

In one of my Super Women purseology presentations to women audiences, I often say, “Women are great at multi-tasking and men, well- they can only do one thing at a time.” This usually gets a good laugh, because we believe it to be true. But after reading the eye-opening book, The Myth of Multi-tasking by Dave Crenshaw, I must admit, I was wrong. I hate being wrong. Turns out, women are no better at multi-asking than men.  Research proves that the brain cannot effectively do two things at once. So, although it looks like multi-tasking, what we’re actually doing is … [Read more...]

9 Slightly Crazy Things That Might Make You Wildly Productive

Break up your routine with these secret (slightly off-the-wall) tricks to jump-starting your productivity. The other day during a grueling seven-hour car ride, I found myself feeling the stress of fatigue, impatience, and boredom. Suddenly, my dog, Riley, yawned with an outrageously funny expression of his own boredom. The sound was remarkably human and not one I'd heard before; it made me laugh so hard that it brought tears to my eyes. Instantly, I had more energy. I felt more optimistic about the day ahead and, with the stress removed, I suddenly remembered that … [Read more...]

What’s Your Favorite Mistake?

Newsweek’s article on the last page of the magazine is called, “What’s Your Favorite Mistake?”  Well, we don’t usually promote our mistakes, much less have a favorite! When wealthy entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson started the Virgin Atlantic airlines he wanted a way to advertise without spending too much money (We entrepreneurs can relate!). So he built the Virgin Atlantic Challenger to break the record for the fastest speed boat to ever cross the Atlantic Ocean. Two hundred miles from England, the boat broke in two. Branson says, “As the helicopters and press were … [Read more...]